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For more than 35 years, Canline Pipeline Solutions has consistently delivered turnkey services to the oil & gas pipeline industry. Integration of hi-tech engineered pulling units and the use of unique equipment for tethered pig pulling or slip lining, (the process of installing a free-standing pipeline inside an existing pipeline) helps us cater to all sizes of oilfield industries in Canada and the USA.

Our role in the energy industry has been a very important one. Its no secret that the focus on the pipeline industry and environmental concerns that go along with it grows each day. We offer incredibly safe tethered tool pulling services and slip lining as an environmentally responsible solution for an aging pipeline. Operating as an expert oil and gas pipeline contractor, Canline Pipeline Solutions can successfully execute all aspects of pipeline construction including installation. We can work with your contractor of choice providing just our pulling services, crimping or fusing services, or we can provide complete turnkey construction and project management. Our comprehensive procedures, relentless attention to detail, quality control and safety programs make us industry leaders in this sector.

Our Pipeline Solutions


Tethered Pigging Services

Canline Pipeline Solutions is the industry leader in pulling tethered inspection tools. With our use of specialized synthetic rope, we can complete longer pulls compared to steel cable and more importantly, without the possibility of internal damage to the pipeline.


Liner Pulling

Use of specialized synthetic rope in place of steel cable allows our pulls to be safer for the workers, the host pipe and the equipment.  This is especially critical in pulling liners where steel cable could create internal damage to the pipe. We can also pull thru bends without internal damage. Our rope is 7 times lighter than steel, allowing us to send pig’s longer distances. Our synthetic rope also has less stretch than steel cable.

How Canline Pipeline Solutions Makes An Impact

Decades of unmatched experience, innovation and a team of skilled professionals enable us to quickly and accurately respond to your concerns. State-of-the-art technologies and commitment towards perfection gives us an upper hand in delivering comprehensive projects at the right time and right price. Canline Pipeline Solutions has the expertise in handling and installing many types of flexible pipes such as Composites and HDPE.

Flexible pipeline products can present economical savings and a significantly lower environmental impact over traditional steel pipelines.  In slip-lining applications most, if not all, landowner issues are mitigated, and many of the ground disturbance and line crossing concerns are addressed.

Because of our specialized equipment and experience, we have accomplished difficult pulls in some of the most challenging circumstances as well as minimizing environmental concerns by completing long distance pulls.  We have the industry’s most diverse fleet of pulling units to match the needs of our clients including environmentally friendly low impact track mounted pulling units.

We also undertake pipeline projects that deal with a variety of maintenance and construction services

From installation of new pipelines, replacement of an existing pipeline or slip lining, Canline Pipeline Solutions have the expertise, experience and equipment to make every project a success.

  • Pipeline Construction
  • Pipeline Installation
  • Pipe and Reel Transport
  • Pipeline Repairs (Slip lining)
  • Flexpipe Crimping equipment and certified technicians
  • HDPE Fusing Equipment and certified technicians

Canline Pipeline Solutions: Safety Certifications