Whether it's a Full Turnkey Construction Project OR a Basic Pipeline Liner Installation Remediation Project, we're equipped with the right pipeline products, skilled resources and equipment.  


Complete Remediation Solutions
  • Installing Freestanding Pipeline Liners
  • Working with companies who do internal coatings and tight liners.
  • International work
  • Chemical applications

Full or Partial Turnkey Solutions
  • Consulting
  • Line Locating
  • Digging Bell Holes
  • Trenching Pipe
  • Material Supply
  • Pipe transportation to site(s)
  • Liner Pulling

Industries Served
  • Oil Companies
  • Municipalities
  • Gas Companies
  • Mining
  • Industrial Applications
  • Off Shore

We use AmSteel Blue nylon cable

It's a torque-free 12 strand single braid nylon synthetic rope rather than steel cable for many advantages:
  • Weight (7 times lighter)
  • Strength (stronger than steel)
  • Safety (less stretch than steel cable with almost no stored energy)
  • Pigs Go Farther (because it's light)
  • Fewer Bell Holes Required (because Pigs go farther)
  • Fewer issues with landowners (because fewer bell holes)
  • Synthetic rope will NOT cut into pipe

Pipeline Products

  • FlexPipe
  • FlexCord
  • HDPE and Stainless Steel
  • Fusible PVC
  • Power cables
  • Fiberglass line pipe
  • Primus Line Pipe

Major Milestones
  • installed 3.6 km in one day
  • installed liners in six pipelines in one day
  • completed well over 100 projects in less than 10 years
  • over 1,500 kilometers of pipe installed
  • Installed pipe in all the provinces in Western Canada, in the USA and in the Gulf.
  • Have worked with offshore rigs in the Gulf.
  • Have offices in Breton, Alberta and in Billings Montana.
  • Canline in business for since 2003.

Environmentally Superior
  • Minimal ground disturbance
  • Dramatically reduced reclamation required

Cost Effective

  • Small crew size
  • Fast
  • Easily mobilized
  • Reduced site preparation and remediation
  • Adaptable

  • Highly trained and experienced operators
  • Safe design
  • Small crew size
  • COR Certificate of Recognition
  • Team of highly skilled, professional staff
  • Operates in a wide range of terrain and climatic conditions
  • EUB compliance with 5.1.1 requirements for freestanding liners where "The carrier pipe, or liner, is the pressure-containing device." and "When installing  a freestanding liner in an abandoned pipeline, the ability to demonstrate the integrity of the abandoned or discontinued carrier pipe is not required." and "The rated working pressure must be greater than or equal to the licensed MOP."
  • Registered with ISNetworld
  • Registered with ComplyWorks
  • Registered with PICS Auditing

Other Services We offer

We  make recommendations for Chemical and when required, we source the required products for specific applications.