Canline Pipeline Solutions

We are a solutions orientated service company that is considered to be the leaders in  non-metalic pipelines.   We understand non-metallic pipelines and how they interact with products, pressures and their environment.
Since we don't sell or represent a specific brand of pipe or product, we can then recommend solutions on different available products  and required  installation recommendations.  

We are known for installing free - standing liners (pulling new pipe inside of old).  Our equipment and proceedures allows us to install pipe by doing long pulls, saving our clients money and time.

We do installations of non-metallic pipelines.   


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We offer both partial and full turnkey  pipeline remediation services including:

• Free-standing liner installation
• New facility and pipeline construction
• Tethered Pig Pulling 
• Bell hole excavation
• Pipe trenching
• Pipe transportation
• HDPE Fusing 
• Pressure testing
• Welding and X-ray
• Hydrovac
• Material supply
• Material transportation
• Tie-ins
• Consulting
• Quality Control Program
• International work

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• Minimal ground disturbance.This is accomplished by:  
1.  Low Impact track pulling units
2.  By digging fewer bell-holes.  Because our units can pull liners inside of pipe for  exceptionally long distances, less bell holes are required, saving the environment, and saving you the client signifcant costs.  
3.  By pulling a liner inside of an existing pipe, as opposed to installing new pipelines, you the client have a lot less issues with ground disturbance and land - owner issues.  

What makes Canline Unique?

  • Our highly trained and skilled staff
  • Our upper management "wrote the book" on liners.  In many cases they were consulted on original liner installs. 
  • Our equipment.  
    • Is on tracks- not wheels
    • Uses Rope, not steel cable
      • Safer
      • Stronger
      • Less damaging to host pipe
      • Lighter- thus able to go longer distances.
    • Very mobile and agile equipment. Good in tight spaces and in mud.  
  • Our Proceedures.  
  • Our Quality Control Program.

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  • COR Certificate of Recognition
  • ISN Networks Certified
  • Comply-Works Certified
  • Visser Certified
  • ABSA Certified
Certified by various product manufactures. 

• Team of highly trained,  skilled, professional staff.  
• Quality Control program.

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  • We have been in business for over 20years.  
  • Thousands of kilometers/ miles of pipe installed.  
  • Our proceedures, equipment and Quality Control program are at the highest standard.
  • We have a loyal customer base, that use our services over and over because of past proven reliability.  

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• We install composite pipe that is leading edge technology.
• We install HDPE and stainless steel pipe.
• We have expertise to complete projects
successfully and a track record to prove it.
• We can provide a turnkey project.
• We have installed up to 3.6 km in one day
• We have pulled up to 2.5 kms of liner in  one pull successfully.
• We have installed liners in up to six pipelines in one day.
• We can reduce the amount of bell holes required because of our equipment.
• We have integrity and so will your pipeline.

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• We have documented 5 different Case Studies to help clients understand our process and results

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We work with FlexPipe, FlexCord, FlexPipe HT, FlexSteel, Thermoflex, Fiberspar, HDPE Pipe, Stainless Steel Tubing ... read more
We have four Mobile Liner Units. Two tracked units and two truck mounted units. air compressors,, electronic data logging, up to 4000 meters of line, High Pressure Pack-off Assembly, required flanges connections, full set of pigs.

We also supply self loading reel trailers,, track hoes, back hoes, picker trucks, A-frames, crimp kits
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Extensive specialized experience in complete pipeline remediation and installation of freestanding pipeline liners ... read more