Case Studies

Case Study #1:

A mid-sized midstream Oil and Gas Company had smart pigged a sales oil line and had to do remediation. They chose to install 4" Flexpipe. The project needed to be completed before the customers shipping tanks were full.

Almost 20 kilometers of pipe was installed, tested and ready for service in 8 days!

No production was lost by either the midstream or their customers.

Case Study #2:

Customer had a line in an area that was environmentally sensitive that went through a designated Wetland area.

The traditional operation would require bellholes to be dug in this area, but that required winter access only.

The line was 6" line that was 2653 meters long with "S" Bend Risers at each end. It also had a camelback riser in the middle, complete with steep river crossing, creek banks and hills.

No bellholes were dug in the Wetland area, because our equipment allowed us to set up our liner unit 600 meters from the end of the pipeline.

We successfully pulled the 2653 meters of 4" Flexpipe in ONE pull - no additional bellholes were required.

We did not have to enter the wetland area.

Case Study #3:

The integrity of a 6200m 6" Natural Gas pipeline in South Eastern Alberta was in question and was internally inspected for corrosion.

This area is known for having little top soil and being an environmentally sensitive area.

After inspection was done, the line in question was shut in due to excessive corrosion.

Canline Pipeline Solutions proposed installing a 4"FP301 liner in 5 Pulls utilizing mostly existing leases and minimal ground disturbance off lease. Our unique tracked equipment left little environmental footprint.

Tied in all existing laterals and Tee's with coated spools, providing corrosion protection on all laterals as well.

Provided a turnkey Solution including ground disturbance, fabrication, Bellholes, Liner installation with fittings, tie-ins, pressure test, backfill and clean up and additional facility modifications.

Case Study #4:

A customer had several flow lines in question in Northern Ab, and decided to pull several 2"PF301 Flexpipe liners.

During the installation of these liners, their main group line going into their plant failed.

This Group-line transported a significant amount of production from their Satellite to their Plant.

Canline Pipeline Solution immediately did a site visit and proposed installing a 4"FP301 Flexpipe product in this 6" Group line. We Also determined the pull points required by reviewing the terrain, bends, access and elevation changes in the line.

Our efficiency allowed the customer to acquire land permits, AFE and commenced installation only 2 weeks later.

With break-up conditions around the corner, Canline efficiently and effectively installed the Flexpipe liner in a short time frame, resulting in minimal production loss.

Case Study #5:

Customer with offshore platforms needed to pull a liner inside a failed 8" flexible High Pressure Pipeline from one off shore platform to another.

The Product was Sour Gas that was being sent to the second platform for re-injection.

Traditional Bell Holes were an impossibility.

The Long distance and requirement for compact equipment were the preoccupying issues.

Replacing the existing 8" line was too costly in time and in lost production

Canline mobilized its equipment and personnel to the offshore rig.

We successfully pulled 3" Thermoflex composite product from one platform to another in one pull.

The customer saved between 5 and 6 million dollars vs. the cost of a new pipeline.

The well was back in production months sooner than it would have been had a new pipeline been the chosen option.