Customer Checklist for Liner Pulls

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Company and location
Directions to location
Any road bans?
Tenative Start Date
Contact Person and Phone Number(s)
Size and wall thickness of existing pipeline
Does the pipeline have integrity?
What size and type of linear material is being used?
Please describe the scope of work. Include details about ROW conditions, anomolies in the pipeline
(changes in wall thickness, bore sections, bends, fittings, elevation changes, etc.) safety concerns
What services would you like our company to provide? Comments
Ordering and shipping out of materials
Cleaning existing pipeline
Determining pull points and doing the excavations
Preparing the conduit pipeline for pulling a liner
Installing the fittings on the liner
Installing the risers
Insulating the risers
Pressure or structural welding
Pressure testing
Backfill and cleanup
Are bellholes ready for us? (Need 150 series flanges welded on the conduit pipe
approximately 7 meters cut out, minimum)
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