About Us. 

Canline Pipeline Solutions began as a solutions company.  We are the NON-metallic pipeline Specialists.  We understand the different kinds of non-metallic pipes, and how they interact with products, pressures, and environment.  Since we don't represent a specific brand of pipe, we  are in a unique position to be an unbiased resource, especially when it comes to finding  solutions to existing pipe.   We have extensive experience with most, if not all different types of non-metallic pipe line.  

We have equipment and personnel who specialize in pulling  non-metallic pipe inside of existing pipe.     Our equipment uses Rope instead of Steel Cable  which  is designed to be Safe, Stronger and lighter than Steel, while minimizing any damage to the host pipe when we do free-standing Liner Pulls while at the same time, enabling us to do longer pulls under equivalent pressure limitations.  

How we began:  a brief History: 
Gazelle's Oilfield Service Ltd.  started by operating oil and gas wells in Central Alberta. In 2003, Gazelle Oilfield Services was asked by an innovative engineer to come up with an installation procedure for using 1" and 1-1/2" Stainless Steel Tubing as a liner inside a failed 2" pipelines in their water-flood injection systems. This had not been done before.

Gazelle Oilfield Services Ltd. under the leadership of Brian Impey was handed the task and loved the challenge.

There were no preconceived ideas as to how to do freestanding liners, and therefore research, innovation and development were part of the process.

Working with the engineers in Calgary, procedures were developed that satisfied the AEUB (AER)  and the Oil Company. Because the project was large in scale the opportunity existed to try different installation options. Coil tubing units, wireline units and different kinds of winch units were tried. The project was successful, and Canline Pipeline Solutions came into existence.  Since then Canline has analyzed the many options, and came up with that innovative solutions that best worked then, and now.

Canline Pipeline Solutions Ltd.has  done installs in the US and in the Gulf. We have done work for large and small companies, local and international companies.

We have a team of specialists who do presentations about the different products and therefore, solutions,  available in the market. Contact us to find out more of what is available.